National Football League has decided to hire its first outspokenly transgender cheerleader. 

Jovial Talent

By Tripti Srivastava

Making the Carolina Panthers' cheerleading squad as a Black trans woman is a big deal for Justine Lindsay.

Lindsay is very glad for breaking down the door for future transgender athletes and the rest of her community.

Justine Lindsay is the first openly transgender cheerleader in NFL (National Football League) history.

She is able to inspire other younger women who are hesitant to rock their bald look across the country.

It’s the first time the NFL (National Football League) has provided the opportunities to trans people

Justine Lindsay is making history as the National Football League's first openly transgender cheerleader.

Lindsay, 29,  is the newest member of the Topcats, the Carolina Panthers' cheerleading squad.

Justine Lindsay, the transgender NFL cheerleader is ready  for football fans to see a Black transgender woman shine.